Team Work and Cheating Policy

Ryerson University

The assignments in this course are done in teams of 1 or 2 students. For these assignments, a team may elect to increase the team size by one more person for a 20% penalty: these assignments can be done in in teams of 3 people, but each member of the team will only receive 80% of the earned grade for that assignment.

To qualify for this 20% penalty a team must declare its size when the assignment is submitted and not afterwards. The constitution of a team is declared on the marking sheet of each assignment: at the top there will be room to enter the name, student id, and D2L account of each team member.

It is expected that all individual work submitted for evaluation in this course will be original and that each team will produce original work. If a team decides to add extra members without declaring this on the marking sheet, or if two teams submit the same work, without acknowledging their collaboration anywhere in the submitted work, this is cheating, which is academic misconduct described in the Ryerson Student Code of Conduct. Further details on the consequences of committing academic misconduct can be found on the cps420 Course Outline

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