W2017 Final Exam

Ryerson University

Worth: 40%

Due: Wednesday April 26 8:00AM

Time, Place and Exam Policies

All this information can be found on the Ryerson Exam Page.

This exam will follow the new Ryerson Exam procedures (even though it is not held at Mattamy)


The format will be short essay questions, similar to the midterms except that it will be longer because the exam is 3 hours long.


The material covered is The final exam covers all the material in the course. However, please note that because there has been so far very little assessment of counting and probabilities, with only one question on the third assignment, this material may be worth more than 25% of the final exam.

Also note that the final exam is divided into 4 parts ordered chronologically as the material was covered in the course. You might find it helpful to read the whole exam and start with the sections you find easiest.


You can bring a formula sheet to the exam: one doubled-sided letter-sized page with anything that you want on it. You can hand-write it or print it, as you wish, but you will not be allowed to bring other aids, such as magnifiers, to assist looking at it.

Final Exam Office Hours

Here are all my office hours during the final exam period: I will answer questions in person during these office hours and not by email.

Old Exams

CPS420 is running for the first time in W2017. Therefore there are no past final exams for this course.

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